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We all know the saying, “THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE” right? Well, if not, then let me explain it. It is an idiomatic expression that means, a person might think that someone else’s life situation is better than his current situation. He may think that he would be happier if he has the things the other person has. But once he gets the things that he thinks will make him happy, he ends up searching for more.

Say, that person thinks that when he gets promoted to a manager, he’ll get higher salary and he’ll be able to pay his mortgages, credit card debts and so on. So, he worked hard, got promoted just as he wanted, until he realized, his neighbor is already a Vice President of the company, living a little extravagant life than him, and think that he should have it too. Hence, THE GRASS IS STILL GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE. 

white house on a lawn grass in a broad daylight
“But I thought this site is about gardening?”


As you all know, the site is currently undergoing a reconstruction. So, I lost the previous articles written here. Yup, I made a disastrous mistake while figuring out how to work things here and there. And because of that, I need to write again, though I still remember them, I opted to make a fresh one.

Alright, there is a photo that caught my attention, it is a lawn grass with a cemented walkway in the middle, and I decided to put it on my wire-frame design for this site. Then, I thought of adding some headline. I see a grass, cemented walkway, and another grass. You picture it, eh?

Anyway, we all know what it takes to get a greener grass for our backyard right? You must exert an effort, but you also need tools and other supplies for it to grow. You will need hand tools to remove the weeds and loosen the soil. Of course, don’t forget the fertilizer and the grass seed.

That’s where we come in. Basically, we at Garden & Co., provides if not all, at least, the things you’ll be needing as well as some “wants” for your garden. Just click here to go to the SHOP section of this site.

We hope to be your personal gardening shop choice in the Philippines when it comes to plants, supplies and equipment.

Have a great day ahead!