Garden & Co. is a byproduct of a dedicated father’s hard work from his garden business. He has been the trusted supplier of one of the biggest construction company in the Philippines. His knowledge and skills in this field are exceptional as he has been doing it for over 20 years. 

We, as children, happen to see all his hardships and labor. Nothing is easy starting from sourcing for plants and materials, growing the plants, and delivering orders to clients. Today’s gardening process is no different from before but because of technology, everything becomes easier. This generation knows a lot about technology but not much about getting their hands dirty in the garden. We know how to appreciate the fresh air, the green scenery, the dirt on our faces, and the sweat under the heat of the sun.

Our mission is to make gardening a part of everyone’s life. Everybody must learn how to value God’s creation and see the beauty and benefits that comes within. We encourage everyone to grow plants or better yet grow a successful garden and let Garden & Co. help you.

Our website’s blog section will give you helpful articles about gardening. In the shop section, you will find our products ranging from plants, fertilizers, tools and equipment, and other gardening supplies. And in the services section, you will get to know more about our landscaping portfolio and how you can hire us to do it for you as well.

So, it does not matter whether you are new or an experienced gardener because we will give you the best experience to enjoy shopping for your garden needs.

We at Garden & Co. is confident that achieving cleaner air, healthier body, and lovelier surroundings start with you.

There you GROW.